Antiqua Alagari

Books and Antiques shop in the Shroud

Antiqua Alagari is the book store of the historian Kazenone Alagar, located in the Shroud. It is home to a number of rare tomes, a few of which are not even known to the Great Gubal Library (and a few more which have been borrowed beyond their lending date...)

The archives below the house contain a number of delicate and sensitive tomes, which could potentially be damaged by large enough fluctuations in the surrounding aether. As such, use of magic is expressly forbidden inside the shop.


The bookshop contains a wide range of titles, from modern romance pulp fiction, to rare and dangerous magical tomes, to research papers of academics from across the world.

A few of the titles featured on the shelves include:

  • The Succubus Saga

  • Girl with the Legacy tattoo

  • Nael Deus the Darnust things

  • AOEs and how to dodge them

  • Song of the shifting sea

  • Twelve Shades of Azure

  • A Compendium of Ashkin (currently missing)


The antiques sold in Antiqua Alagari are sourced from adventurers and other merchants from all ends of the world.

As well as a particularly large collection of Gelmorran items, and a few items from the early 6th Astral Era, a few other prized items from as far back as the Allagan era can be found. Trinkets and keepsakes from as far as Hingashi are also available, for those with a keen eye.

Plot 28, Ward 14, Lavender Beds, Lich, Light

Plot 28, Ward 14, Lavender Beds, Lich, Light
Lavender Northwest Aetheryte